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“POPOVA” #2 cover.

“POPOVA” TPB cover.

“The Black Dahlias” #0 cover.

“Phoenix Run” Cover

No Angel #4 cover. unpublished.

No Angel #2 cover.

“The Junkyard” cover for Silver Gryphon Games.

V-Rex with Dragon feature and slightly advanced front arms.
Part of cover art work for Silver Gryphon Games.

“Camp Wicakini 5” cover work for Silver Gryphon Games.

Camp Wicakini 4 cover work for Silver Gryphon Games.

“Adventure Generator” Cover for Silver Gryphon Games.

Cover Illustration work for Elia Mörling.

Cover Work of "Quantified Self Movement" article by Elia Mörling.

Art for "Forester" cover album, designed by James Banks

"The Baytown Disco" comic, cover. Commission work for LUV ad agency.

Levitate Lily. Pin-Up for Rooftop Lily project from Ian-x

Dire: The First Creed of Pandemonium, Cover. Pandora Peeks Press.

Spot drawing. Dip pen, Brush, India ink in watercolor paper.

Ink drawing.

Pencil Drawing.